Alleviates any imbalances associated with blood sugar levels, and relieves any improper functioning of the endocrine system; eases any disorders associated with a collapse of the immune system, including diabetes; assists in focusing the body's immune system, including the blood flows of any imbalanced areas; augments the activity of the pancreas, energizes and rejuvenates the glandular functions associated with pancreatic activity, and strengthens the pancreas by activating increased tissue regeneration in the pancreatic tissues; stimulates the entire endocrine system by improving blood circulation throughout the ductless glands, while enhancing deeper capillary activity into the ductless glandular system; assists the pancreas in the production of natural insulin (inulin), and energizes the entire immune system; strengthens the endocrine system or the ductless glandular system, and regulates blood sugar levels; distributes glucose more evenly, and modifies any extreme behavioral patterns associated with high or low blood sugar levels; transforms one form of sugar into another in order to adjust any sugar imbalances in the system, and assists the body in transforming glucose and fructose into one form or another in order to be properly utilized for the body's energy requirements; eases any allergic reactions involving the transference of one form of sugar into another (including any inflammatory conditions in the skin tissues), and enables sugar substances to be more easily assimilible through pathways in the physical body that are not usually accessible by other means.



Balances the metabolism, enhances the assimilation of foods (especially proteins); and stimulates the absorption of various minerals that enhance one's emotional stability.



Activates the biomagnetic, bioelectrical and biocrystalline properties in the physical body, thereby enhancing communication between the subtle bodies; amplifies the discharge of ethereal toxicity from the system by dispelling any mental or emotional toxins (negative thought-forms) into the subtle bodies and ethers, where they are ultimately transformed and disintegrated; enhances all biomolecular functions, and cleanses the emotional body; prevents any mental agitation in the mental body from moving into the etheric body, thereby alleviating any undue stress upon the liver and kidneys; aligns the causal body with the mental and emotional bodies in a more balanced manner, and aligns the mental and emotional bodies; strengthens the etheric body, thereby enhancing the distribution of the ethereal fluidium throughout the physical body on the cellular level; aligns the etheric body with the physical body, which intensifies the capabilities of the life force (prana) by draining off any negative patterns; activates the heart and solar plexus chakras, which aids in balancing the emotions; cleanses, energizes, strengthens and tonifies all the meridians, while balancing the yin and yang energies throughout the entire meridian system.



Alleviates all emotional extremes, and eases any psychosomatic illnesses; eliminates any disorientation or stress (particularly in urban environments), and removes any blockages in the personality structure; controls the temperament while easing any mood-swings (especially depression) that are directly associated with blood sugar imbalances, and removes any gradual states of anxiety that are created over an extended period of time; eliminates any extreme tension that is stored in the physical body, especially throughout the entire musculature; prevents any dysfunctional merging with others, and eases any profound alienation; reduces any addictive tendencies towards an overindulgence in food substances with a high sugar content, thereby engendering a sense of physical and emotional relaxation; alleviates the various states of moodiness associated with diabetes, and allows an individual to become more emotionally detached in order to deal with their problems in a more objective manner.



Aids in balancing the personality structure by improving moderation and self-discipline, and by allowing easier access of one's consciousness to the levels of the endocrine system; promotes more lively activity that is balanced with inner ease, and provides more contained moments of reflective activity; eliminates various forms of psychic toxicity, and eases one's vulnerability to the thoughts or negative intentions of others; restores and revitalizes the soul's true Self-identity and essential dignity, and enhances the ability to contact and maintain an integrated sense of one's Self (especially when severely challenged); develops a more positive spiritual identity by stimulating and awakening the true inner Self and by imparting greater objectivity and containment; initiates and sustains the soul's development while protecting and unifying the essential Self, thereby allowing compassionate healing qualities to flow more freely from one's soul to others; promotes more grounded peacefulness, as well as the transition from a macrocosmic to a microcosmic soul consciousness; aids in balancing and guiding the soul in expressing its vast spiritual nature through the limitations of the physical world and a physical body, while balancing and stabilizing the abundant light that radiates from the upper energy-centers (chakras) by directing it into the lower centers so that the Self can generate more vitality and solidity; promotes more loving awareness of others from a Self-contained level of consciousness, and develops more compassionate awareness and inclusive sensitivity; impels the soul to create and cultivate beauty within itself or with the outer world, and assists the inner life of the human soul to harmonize with the Soul of Nature.