Alleviates various infectious disorders, as well as any extreme toxemia (chronic systemal toxicity); removes any viral or bacterial inflammation in the urethra or vagina, and relieves any urinary tract infections by dispelling the associated toxins into the bloodstream and urinary tract; eases various hormonal imbalances, oxygenates the entire system, and promotes complete tissue regeneration; increases and regulates the blood flows to the vaginal lining, due to its influence upon the etheric body; rejuvenates the reproductive organs while revitalizing the vaginal fluids, and increases the body's overall sensitivity on both the physical and cellular levels.



Aids in the complete absorption or assimilation of various essential nutrients, particularly iron, zinc and vitamin E; activates the entire circulatory system, thereby improving the transport of both nutrients and oxygen to various parts of the body on the cellular level.



Activates the biomagnetic, bioelectrical and biocrystalline properties in the physical body, thereby enhancing communication between the subtle bodies; amplifies the discharge of ethereal toxicity from the system by dispelling any mental or emotional toxins (negative thought-forms) into the subtle bodies and ethers, where they are ultimately transformed and disintegrated; removes any misalignment of the ethereal fluidium that surrounds the cellular walls, and increases the intensity of the energy-flows between the mental and etheric bodies; aligns and strengthens the emotional and etheric bodies (as well as the ethereal fluidium), while balancing and cleansing the emotional body; aligns the mental and integrated spiritual bodies, while energizing the astral and causal bodies; aligns the mental body with the emotional body, thereby alleviating any stored tension or stress; strengthens the meridians and nadis, while improving the flow of energy throughout the entire meridian system; aligns and cleanses all the meridians, thereby stimulating the body's immune system; activates the 2nd chakra, while invigorating all the nadis; augments the minor chakra located on each elbow, thereby focusing the odic (pranic) forces in the system in order to remove any blockages or congestion in the major chakras.



Alleviates all emotional extremes, including anger, fear, frustration or guilt; removes any mental imbalances, improves one's overall mental health, and eases various psychological states associated with stress upon the nervous system; eliminates any anxiety, nervous tension, or intense stress by releasing any tensions that are stored in the nervous system or the subconscious mind, and removes any obstacles; reconciles arguments, eases any disorientations or hostile issues, and promotes greater tranquility; eliminates any negative thought-forms by elevating one's thought processes, and alleviates any fear when confronting emotional issues; eases any highly-charged "webs" of emotional energy, and eliminates any patterns of procrastination or resistance; removes any tendency toward stagnation, as well as the inability to move forward toward change; alleviates any mental lethargy by providing greater mindfulness or mental alertness, as well as an awakened sense of clarity; allows an individual to overcome any insecurities associated with the acceptance of one's femininity by removing various sexual neuroses or guilt that originated during one's childhood, and eliminates any form of identity crisis concerning one's sexuality by releasing memories that are stored in the subconscious mind; releases any frustration or anger by balancing the yin and yang qualities, particularly in those females who have suppressed their creativity and abilities (due to personality difficulties or imbalances); allows any previously unconscious thought-patterns or ideas from the subconscious mind to surface and be released, while liberating new expressions of energy regarding the emotions; incorporates information directly into the mental body in an organized manner, thereby providing increased mental clarity in the conscious mind; integrates the mental body influences evenly throughout the nervous system, thereby allowing the intellect to directly enter all levels of the body so that the conscious mind can exert greater control over the normal reflexive action of the body; allows for deeper states of emotional release to occur, while focusing and concentrating energy directly into the heart; allows an individual's emotional nature to become more conscious in order to develop a deeper sense of the purpose behind one's emotions, thereby enhancing greater relaxation, understanding and release; imparts greater mental vibrancy, and liberates one's consciousness for higher states of activity; generates a more calm and steady presence, and energizes the thinking forces in order to avoid any depletion of one's mental forces.



Activates greater past-life recall in order to release any stored tensions or traumas, thereby allowing any unnecessary aspects of one's personality structure to be released; allows an individual to become more capable of initiating and sustaining both their emotional and spiritual development, as well as to learn who they are from their own level and range of perception; enhances an individual's ability to perceive, understand, and remove any obstacles in their life, along with the ability to forgive themselves and others; provides clearer insight into the purpose and direction of one's life-pattern, while creating a practical form of balance within the individual; develops greater self-confidence and stability, clarifies one's inner attitudes, and enhances a state of inner peace; stimulates an energetic response in the body and soul in order to assist an individual in overcoming any apparent blocks to their own progress or personal transformation, and enhances an individual's willingness to release any hindrances that interpose themselves between their soul purpose and various relationship difficulties or blockages to their path of action; generates greater clarity towards issues concerning one's self-esteem, and enhances the ability to maintain one's own sense of individuality; cleanses the psyche, balances one's psychic awareness, and removes any accumulations of psychic or astral debris that has lodged itself in one's subconscious mind; cleanses and balances the psychic properties of the blood, where one's spiritual ego resides; promotes more conscious alignment with the feminine creative Self by removing the inability to fully realize one's feminine creative forces, due to inner confusion or turmoil; creates a sense of nurturing (or the recognition of a need for nurturance), and allows an individual to become increasingly aware of their inability to give or receive love; infuses stronger forces of self-awareness, thereby allowing an individual to think in a calm and steady manner and act from their own center of truth; balances one's feminine qualities, and activates those principles or ideals wherein an individual needs to stimulate greater joyfulness, flexibility or lightness; provides greater warmth and full-bodied presence to one's soul forces, as well as a deeper understanding of the extra-dimensional aspects of one's Self.