Activates the biomagnetic, bioelectrical and biocrystalline properties in the physical body, thereby enhancing communication between the subtle bodies; amplifies the discharge of ethereal toxicity from the system by dispelling any mental or emotional toxins (negative thought-forms) into the subtle bodies and ethers, where they are ultimately transformed and disintegrated; enhances the acceleration of energy-flows from the etheric body through the lymphatic system, and increases one's understanding of the cyclical nature of the emotional body; strengthens and energizes the mental body, while cleansing and activating the etheric body; strengthens the soul body, and balances the upper and lower poles in the physical body; cleanses, relaxes and expands the emotional body (while removing any confusion), thereby increasing one's mental clarity; aligns the astral, mental, causal and emotional bodies, while aligning all the subtle bodies closer to what the integrated spiritual body is perceiving; aligns the mental and integrated spiritual bodies, thereby allowing the psycho-spiritual dynamics of an individual to flow more freely; aligns the causal and integrated spiritual bodies closer to the physical body, and focuses the energy-patterns that flow among all the chakras; cleanses the heart chakra, which provides increased caring and greater sensitivity; activates the 5th and 6th chakras, while nourishing the 1st and 2nd chakras; balances the 2nd, 3rd and 4th chakras, and strengthens the 3rd chakra; balances the relationship between the crown chakra and the lower energy-centers, while easing any imbalances in the crown and root chakras; activates the minor chakra located on the palm of the hand over the area known as the "mount of Venus", and strengthens the minor chakras on both feet, the hip region, and on the back of the knees; activates the minor chakras situated on both heels, which generates increased self-confidence and a sense of greater stability; energizes the minor chakra that is located adjacent to the armpits in order to assist the physical body to more consistently absorb orgone energy in order to produce a greater sense of vitality, while cleansing, strengthening and tonifying all the meridians and nadis; energizes the nadis in the arms, eyes, hands, fingertips and toes, and enhances the transfer of energy between all the meridians and nadis; balances the yin and yang qualities, as well as the yin and yang energies throughout the entire meridian system.



Alleviates any conflict or rebellion against authority figures in general, and removes any feelings of estrangement from one's inner authority; eliminates any form of attachment to negative emotions, and eases any retarded phases of emotional development; relieves the inability to accept one's adult responsibilities, while easing the feeling of being overburdened with personal responsibility; removes any inner conflicts about the use of power (especially for women), and eliminates any attachment to one's power or position; alleviates the tendency to excessively impose one's authority upon others, and removes any compulsive need to be in control; eliminates the need to control or dominate others, especially by the use of verbal abuse; lessens the tendency towards biting sarcasm or harsh criticism by enhancing verbal communication that is more emotionally balanced, and alleviates any mental irritation; protects against any negative influences, including extreme emotionalism; eases any fear or conflict about owning one's own emotional power, especially if it involves the deeper emotions; alleviates any aggressive over-striving, thereby providing more balanced power and ego strength; eases any form of verbal bullying or threatening behavior, as well as any form of misdirected power or magnetism that may lead to verbal abuse; eliminates any greed for power, or the excessive drive to accumulate material power; removes the need for validation from any outside authority, and eliminates any excessive dependence upon the authority of others that ultimately places an individual in the position of a subservient "doormat"; assists those individuals who rely upon the authority of others in order to determine what is valid by feigning helplessness or extreme dependency, and removes any bitterness or inner conflict involving one's personal feelings towards their father or father figures in general; eliminates any inappropriate clinging to a child-like role, and eases the tendency to be controlled by the expectations of others; counteracts any tendency to become extremely grim and dutiful, or to exaggerate one's overall importance; strengthens one's ability to shift from various competitive or aggressive models of behavior to those that are more cooperative and inclusive of others, and removes any tendency towards perfectionism while calming and stabilizing the entire nervous system.



Allows for a greater realization of one's inherent powers or abilities, and provides more inner power in order to fight for what one knows to be true in their heart; assists an individual in developing more inner composure or spiritual strength, and eases the tendency to over-extend oneself beyond their real limits or capabilities; develops greater self-reliance, independent judgement, and active decision-making capabilities, while providing more exuberant manifestation in the world (along with decisive action and clearly directed Will-forces); enhances the ability to organize one's thoughts into specific goals or priorities, and eliminates the lack of strong Will-forces; assists the soul in aligning its own personal identity with the forces of goodness and truth, and increases one's ability and capacity to serve in greater freedom by developing increased spiritual warriorship during adverse times; provides the soul with greater courage in order to actively acknowledge, confront and resolve any power issues, as well as to confront and actively transform any abusive, destructive, negative or threatening situations or circumstances; assists an individual in drawing greater spiritual power into their physical body by liberating those spiritual capabilities that reside in the upper energy-centers (chakras) in order to radiate more fully throughout the body, and increases the soul's positive identification with its inner ideals; assists the soul in responding with greater resilience and inward mobility to life's challenges or problems, and addresses the many positive masculine soul traits of endurance, strength and perseverance; enhances one's ability to contact their true spiritual ego, as well as to catalyze or reconcile any feelings of strength or power with the essential qualities of the feminine Self; provides more balanced leadership in the world by balancing the natural leadership capabilities within the soul, especially be integrating these with the true directives of one's Higher Self; allows an individual to project an inner joyfulness that motivates or encourages others, and enhances true spiritual leadership through the radiance of one's charisma or contagious enthusiasm; allows an individual to more easily accept responsibility by providing greater beneficial strength and integrity, thereby assisting them in assuming greater self-awareness and self-responsibility; promotes a greater sense of purpose, peacefulness and trust in oneself, and provides a clearer perception of the path and purpose of others; addresses any rebellious tendencies in one's emotional life by refining these into more positive qualities of awareness and insight, and allows an individual to act from the strength of their inner purpose; strengthens one's spiritual purpose, and enables the human soul to integrate its higher spiritual purpose with earthly life and worldly tasks; allows an individual to take better care of themselves (as well as others) by attuning themselves to higher wisdom, and enables an individual to use their life wisdom to guide and help others; develops the ability to accept and trust one's inner knowingness or authority, and strengthens one's inner authority that is based upon actual experience while providing greater independence from the authority of others; encourages more inner obedience and devotion to a higher spiritual authority, thereby providing greater respect and establishing a more conscious relationship to true spiritual authority and guidance; imparts greater objectivity and containment, which lessens the need to give one's personal power away to others by "bleeding" into another person's energy-field; develops increased integration of one's spiritual power into the root chakra, which provides more spiritualized creative energy and a form of grounded spirituality; enhances the need to integrate one's power with forces of love, and integrates both love and power through the realization that real power can be loving and that true love also empowers; tempers and spiritualizes the male ego, while aligning the superconscious mind's spiritual values with the heart chakra; assists the soul in transmuting any overly hostile or aggressive tendencies into more positive social impulses, and eases any distorted sense of the Self by developing a more balanced sense of one's individuality (along with more spiritualized ego forces); alleviates any excessive concern for personal well-being or the acquisition of social or material power, and eliminates any disproportionate amount of energy that is directed towards issues of personal power or personal welfare; aligns the astral nature with more balanced animal forces, thereby allowing an individual to integrate their animal-like instinctual desires with their overall sense of human individuality; assists the soul in balancing the immense forces of astrality and instinctual desire so that these energies can further strengthen their physical vitality, and thereby serve human spirituality; develops the ability to transform any darker psychic energies, as well as to successfully wrestle with any inner demons or shadow energies; encourages an individual to shift their awareness to a transpersonal level in order to derive a sense of personal well-being from a relationship to a Higher Power, and allows an individual to chart their own path in life that is far from the hindering influences of others; provides greater freedom from any limiting influences by increasing one's courage to make healthy transitions in life in order to follow their own path or destiny, and eases the tendency to seek inappropriate advice from others; lessens one's reliance upon pleasing others in order to receive self-validation, and allows an individual to take greater responsibility for their own life experiences rather than blaming others by enhancing one's ability to comprehend their overall life-pattern; allows the soul to attain greater inner stability and the peaceful acceptance of its condition by learning the positive attributes of surrender and the acceptance of one's limitations, and assists an individual in maintaining a healthy relationship to their inner child.