Alleviates any form of dropsical conditions or pulmonary edema, and removes any disorders involving the stiffening or hardening of the skin by enhancing greater elasticity in the cellular tissues; enhances one's circulation, while improving all the glandular functions and influencing the entire endocrine system by stimulating the glandular secretions from the pituitary gland on the cellular level.



Activates the metabolism and the entire circulatory system, thereby improving the transport of essential nutrients and oxygen to various parts of the body on the cellular level.



Activates the biomagnetic, bioelectrical and biocrystalline properties in the physical body, thereby enhancing communication between the subtle bodies; amplifies the discharge of ethereal toxicity from the system by dispelling any mental or emotional toxins (negative thought-forms) into the subtle bodies and ethers, where they are ultimately transformed and disintegrated; increases the electromagnetic capabilities of the physical and subtle bodies, and energizes the biocrystalline properties located in the fatty tissues; strengthens the etheric body and the ethereal fluidium that surrounds each cell, and removes the life force (prana) from most diseases; balances and harmonizes the action of the astral body with the physical body, and acts as a general cleanser of all the subtle bodies; aligns all the chakras, meridians, nadis and subtle bodies, particularly the astral, causal, mental, emotional and etheric bodies; aligns the etheric body with the physical body, thereby intensifying the capabilities of the life force (prana) by draining off any negative energy-patterns; activates the minor chakra located at the base of the arch of each foot (which is directly connected to the small intestine), thereby stimulating the absorption of various minerals that enhance one's emotional stability; cleanses all the major meridians and the nadis, while improving the flow of energy throughout the entire meridian system.



Alleviates all emotional extremes, and removes any negative thought-forms by elevating one's thought processes; eliminates those psychological states that place additional stress upon the nervous system, and releases any blockages or negativity in the personality structure; alleviates any fearful thoughts or mental stress, and relieves various forms of obsessive states while easing any anxiety or depression; removes those mental imbalances that are associated with any compulsive or sexual neuroses by releasing various memories that are stored in one's subconscious mind, and eliminates any nervousness when confronting various emotional problems or issues.



Assists an individual in becoming more capable of initiating and sustaining both their emotional and spiritual development, and eases any tendency towards complacency or stagnation in one's growth cycle; promotes more fiery and energetic qualities, and stimulates an energetic response in the body and soul in order to overcome any apparent blocks to one's progress or personal transformation; generates the capability for tremendous psycho-spiritual self-confidence, while promoting an inner sense of confidence as well; increases one's overall self-acceptance or self-esteem, and assists an individual in developing a fuller perspective by releasing any past-life information that is stored in the genetic code; integrates all the emotions together in order to enhance greater sensitivity, and balances one's emotional state so that the spiritual nature and the mental Self are more properly aligned; develops greater balance concerning various sexual issues involving the "letting go" process, while releasing creative forces from the splenic/sacral chakra; balances and re-directs one's spiritual forces, thereby allowing these forces to flow throughout the body in a more dynamic and effortless manner; enhances and harmonizes the higher consciousness in order to integrate one's open and expansive spirituality with the other energy-centers (chakras) in a more balanced manner, and increases an individual's need for nurturance; cleanses the psyche of any psychic or astral debris that has become lodged in the subconscious mind, and provides a deeper penetration and greater understanding of the multi-dimensional aspects of one's Self; provides greater meditative insight and synthesis, as well as more balanced psychic awareness; promotes more lively activity that is balanced with inner ease, and provides more contained moments of reflective activity.