Activates the total regeneration of the circulatory and endocrine systems, pineal and pituitary glands, heart, pancreas, spleen, and the muscular/neural structure, including a mild influence upon the lymphatic system and cellular tissues of the brain; strengthens the skin tissues, pineal and pituitary glands, red corpuscles and the entire circulatory system, particularly the veins associated with the brain; increases the elasticity throughout the circulatory system, as well as circulatory flows to the muscular tissues, (especially when there are torn tendons or ligaments); rejuvenates the heart, musculature, nervous system and skeletal structure, and facilitates general healing throughout the physical body; augments the heart, lungs and parasympathetic ganglia, and alleviates any deterioration in the cellular structure of the heart; stimulates the regeneration of the skeletal structure, especially the vertebrae and tooth enamel; balances the motor neurological tissues, and regenerates the neurological tissues that extend forth from the vertebrae; strengthens all the neurological functions, resulting in greater flexibility within the bone tissues (including the tendons, ligaments and cartilage); stimulates, tonifies and regenerates the cellular tissues throughout the entire endocrine system, and improves all the glandular functions while activating those bodily processes that are augmented by pituitary gland secretions; removes any imbalances caused by pituitary gland secretions, such as dwarfism or obesity; stimulates mild electromagnetic fields, thereby producing greater bonding between the pineal and pituitary glands; retards or reverses the aging process by rejuvenating the entire cellular level of the physical body (especially the skin tissues), as well as by attracting waves of vital force (prana) energy into the cells (which increases one's longevity); activates the bioelectrical properties throughout the physical body, and enhances all biomolecular functions (including cellular mitosis); increases the amount of life force (prana) that enters the physical body, as well as the ability of the cellular structures to hold an electrical charge (thereby activating cellular memory); acts as a general stimulant for the endocrine and immune systems during an illness, and strengthens a lowered immune system; repairs any chromosomal damage, and destroys any harmful bacteria or other microorganisms; rejuvenates the DNA, the RNA and the parasympathetic nervous system, and increases the distribution of the RNA on the cellular level; assists in the re-duplication of the DNA, and eliminates any toxemia from the body that may interfere with this process; activates the release or removal of toxins from the physical body and the cellular level by the enhanced ability to liquidize and then re-crystallize, and removes any stored toxicity in the fatty (adipose) tissues; cleanses the intestinal tract by flushing any invasive toxins or harmful bacteria from the intestines, and energizes the natural flora that resides throughout the intestinal tract; balances or eliminates any excessive accumulations of aluminum in the physical body, and neutralizes all uric acid properties; promotes greater capillary activity, while invigorating and increasing the production of red and white corpuscles; stimulates the consciousness of the red corpuscles to be more in alignment with the circulatory system, and eases any diseases that may affect the red corpuscles; coordinates the activities of the brain with the nervous system by stimulating greater nerve-sense activity, and energizes any inactive or unused portions of the brain (especially when brain damage exists); improves cranial communication with the rest of the physical body while activating the coccyx and medulla oblongata, and balances the left and right brain activiy by increasing the sensitivity of the neurons; activates greater tissue regeneration in the neuron structures located within the cranial capacity, and promotes more balanced capabilities within the cranial capacity and reflective brain wave activity; prevents any blockages or the accumulation of unnecessary electrical capabilities within the neuron and cellular tissues of the brain, and regenerates the entire central nervous system; activates the motor nerves, and energizes the sympathetic nervous system by reducing any tension in the physical body; stimulates the nerve ganglia around the throat region that connect to the autonomic and parasympathetic nervous systems, thereby providing greater conscious control over the autonomic nervous system; strengthens the sexual organs, and restores virility in both the male and female; alleviates the menopausal years in both sexes, and revitalizes the vaginal fluids and male sperm; eases any physical exhaustion from loss of sleep, and provides greater strength during periods of increased activity.



Activates the biomagnetic, bioelectrical and biocrystalline properties in the physical body, thereby enhancing communication between the subtle bodies; amplifies the discharge of ethereal toxicity from the system by dispelling any mental or emotional toxins (negative thought-forms) into the subtle bodies and ethers, where they are ultimately transformed and disintegrated; amplifies the ethereal fluidium in the etheric body and the biocrystalline properties in the physical body that are located in the cell salts, thymus and pineal glands, lymphatic system and red and white corpuscles, as well as the regenerative properties within the muscular tissues; strengthens the etheric forces in the blood against the astral forces of disintegration while activating the etheric body and the ethereal fluidium, so that they can better distribute the life force (prana) into all the cells; removes any misalignment of the ethereal fluidium surrounding the cellular walls, and stabilizes the distribution of the ethereal fluidium throughout the physical body; acts as a conveyer of certain properties in the ethereal fluidium, and increases the electromagnetic capabilities of the physical and subtle bodies; balances and harmonizes the action of the astral body with the physical body, and rejuvenates the etheric body; stimulates and intensifies the energy of the mental body by propagating and magnifying the essence of one's thought-forms, and attracts all the chakras, meridians, nadis and subtle bodies into a temporary state of alignment; strengthens and energizes all the chakras, meridians, nadis, subtle bodies and individual acupressure points, and aligns the etheric and integrated spiritual bodies while increasing the alignment between the astral, mental, emotional, soul and integrated spiritual bodies; aligns the mental, emotional and integrated spiritual bodies in order for them to function more as a single unit, and attracts the astral and mental bodies into greater alignment; aligns the emotional body more closely to the etheric body, which balances the emotions and eases any depression; aligns the etheric body closer to the physical body by enhancing the ethereal fluidium, thereby removing any general feelings of disorientation or a lack of direction in an individual; activates the brow, solar plexus and heart chakras, which increases the circulation and improves the distribution of the life force (prana) throughout the physical body; mildly influences the brow (pituitary) chakra, and increases the alignment of this chakra with the pineal gland; eases all the miasms, particularly the heavy metal, petrochemical, psora and radiation miasms; accentuates the yin qualities, and improves the flow of energy along the meridians by energizing the nerve tissues.



Alleviates all emotional problems or nervous behavioral patterns, and dislodges any negative or toxic thought-forms that are associated with the development of most viruses; relieves any emotional instability, and eliminates any unnecessary stress that is stored within the personality structure; eases any psychological states associated with the excessive accumulation of stress upon the central nervous system, and alleviates any stress or tensions that contribute to the aging process or that duplicate the symptoms of senility (such as loss of hearing or attention and the inability to focus or collect one's thoughts); alleviates any deterioration of the intellectual capabilities, and eases the inability to retain thoughts; releases memories from the subconscious mind, and eases any mental exhaustion caused by over-exertion of the mind; alleviates any fear of aging, as well as any form of depression associated with a lack of tissue regeneration; provides greater control over the emotional nature, thereby balancing the emotions so that one's spiritual nature and mental Self are properly aligned; develops clearer thought-forms, and enhances greater mental clarity; improves one's memory capabilities, and strengthens mental discipline; develops greater peace of mind, and aids in the assimilation of any newly stabilized emotions.



Allows an individual to gradually achieve balance within all levels of their form and being, and eliminates any inflexibility or other difficulties associated with taking a firm stand on anything; assists an individual in overcoming any insecurities regarding their physical appearance, and creates a greater sense of dignity in those experiencing the mid-life crisis; allows an individual to become more balanced and confident in a spiritual sense, and provides a greater source of strength when dealing with life's problems; generates the capability for tremendous psycho-spiritual self-confidence, and balances the overall psycho-spiritual structure; increases one's self-acceptance, and creates a greater sense of Self in terms of comprehending one's total being; allows an individual to discover hidden resources in order to attain real mental or psychological health, and increases one's receptivity towards the healing process; enhances greater cellular memory, so that past-life information can be released and applied to one's daily life-pattern; produces clearer insights into one's personal vision capabilities, as well as greater spiritual awareness in one's life; enhances and harmonizes the higher consciousness, which allows an individual to more fully integrate one's open and expansive spirituality with the other energy-centers (chakras) in a more balanced manner; balances and re-directs one's spiritual forces, and provides more meditative insight and synthesis.