Alleviates any constriction of the blood vessels, and removes any nicotinic acid residues from the sympathetic nervous system; eases any respiratory imbalances, particularly lung congestion or inflammation; strengthens the lung tissue, and improves one's overall breathing capabilities; repairs any scar tissue or other damage to the inner lung tissue (due to smoke inhalation), and improves the lungs of those individuals who have smoked tobacco over an extended period of time; aids in the complete re-oxygenation of the cellular tissues by restoring the oxygenation capabilities throughout the entire capillary system, and increases capillary activity within the lung tissue itself; rebuilds the entire central nervous system, while tonifying the sympathetic nervous system; activates general tissue regeneration, and assists in the mending and bonding of cellular tissues.



Activates the biomagnetic, bioelectrical and biocrystalline properties in the physical body, thereby enhancing communication between the subtle bodies; amplifies the discharge of ethereal toxicity from the system by dispelling any mental or emotional toxins (negative thought-forms) into the subtle bodies and ethers, where they are ultimately transformed and disintegrated; strengthens the mental and etheric bodies, as well as the ethereal fluidium that surrounds each cell; balances and relaxes the emotional body, thereby easing any form of depression, lethargy or disassociated mental or emotional states; aligns the astral body directly with its physical and etheric components, and aligns the astral, mental, emotional and etheric bodies in order to activate specific psychological states; aligns the causal and integrated spiritual bodies closer to the physical body while activating and aligning the throat chakra, and strengthens all the meridians (particularly the lung meridian).



Alleviates any nervous behavioral or habit- patterns, and eases any form of emotional stress; eliminates any advanced manic-depressive states that result in deep depression or unnatural fears, and increases one's ability to function properly within any unusual environmental conditions or influences that usually lead to depression or depressive states; eases any lack of self-confidence or low self-esteem, as well as any disgust or denial of one's bodily Self; dispels any fear, negativity or inhibitions, thereby calming the nervous system and providing greater protection against any negative thought-forms caused by extreme emotionalism; eases the tendency to become overly absorbent of any negative influences, as well as to become extremely vulnerable to the thoughts or negative intentions of others; alleviates a state of apathy or resignation, and assists any anxious, compulsive or hypersensitive individuals who need to develop greater courage and will-power in order to function in life; eliminates various forms of self-destructive or violent tendencies by activating greater mental self-control, and retards any tendencies towards self-gratification by strengthening one's will-power; improves one's overall concentration, and promotes greater emotional confidence.



Assists those individuals who are seeking to make significant improvements in their personality structure, as well as in their mental or emotional natures; eliminates any addictive habit-patterns that make it difficult for the soul to incarnate fully into its physical body (or soul container), especially during the early morning hours; strengthens the ego-nature in order to better control and direct the physical body, and develops greater awareness and respect for life and the life processes of the body; promotes more exuberant manifestation in the world, and provides more decisive action and clearly directed Will-forces; removes the inability to translate one's goals or ideals into more concrete and viable activity, and enhances one's ability to organize their thoughts into specific goals and priorities in order to manifest and execute such actions; assists the soul in "softening" its relationship to physical matter by projecting its spiritual focus directly into the physical body, while balancing and stabilizing the abundant light that radiates from the upper energy-centers by directing it into the lower chakras so that the Self possesses more vitality and solidity; develops more inclusive sensitivity, and provides more compassionate awareness; improves the emotional imbalances of those individuals who are in need of greater attention or affection, and stimulates the ability to awaken stronger love towards oneself and others by developing greater forgiveness and forbearance; allows the soul to experience more natural states of energy by being directly in tune with the cycles of Nature, and strengthens one's aura while providing more inner radiance.