Alleviates any female pelvic disorders, including amenorrhea, hormonal imbalance, irregular menstruation, vaginal tract infection or excessive dryness; destroys any harmful bacteria that are directly associated with fibroid tumors or painful menstruation, and dissolves cysts while cleansing the womb; dispels and releases various forms of toxicity from the cellular level of the body, and removes any excessively positive or negative imbalances in the female organs; eliminates any imbalances associated with the genital region, including sterility caused by over-exposure to radiation; eases any female problems involving infertility or an inability to become multi-orgasmic, and activates increased fertility in barren women; stimulates general tissue regeneration throughout all the female organs, and rejuvenates the entire reproductive system; revitalizes the vaginal fluids, and regulates the hormones and hormonal activity; increases blood flows to the cervix, clitoris, fallopian tubes, ovaries, uterus and vaginal lining, while enhancing a smoother blood flow during the menstrual cycle; improves the iron levels during the menstruation process, thereby providing greater stamina; increases the biomagnetic forces, while balancing the male and female portions of the body.



Aids in the absorption or assimilation of essential nutrients.



Activates the biomagnetic, bioelectrical and biocrystalline properties in the physical body, thereby enhancing communication between the subtle bodies; amplifies the discharge of ethereal toxicity from the system by dispelling any mental or emotional toxins (negative thought-forms) into the subtle bodies and ethers, where they are ultimately transformed and disintegrated; strengthens the etheric body, thereby amplifying the amount of the ethereal fluidium throughout the etheric body; acts as a retardant or grounding element to the radical patterns of the emotional body, and aligns the mental, emotional and etheric bodies in order to activate greater sensitivity; aligns the root, splenic/sacral and solar plexus chakras while activating the 2nd chakra, thereby releasing any imbalances associated with the reproductive organs (due to suppressed emotions or a lack of emotional attunement to the higher spiritual levels); strengthens all the meridians and nadis, and balances the entire meridian system while easing all the miasms.



Alleviates any form of nervous tension, as well as any mental or emotional stress-related disorders; dispels any fear or negativity, while removing any unclear or negative thought-forms; eases any cyclical patterns that are difficult for an individual to handle, as well as any blockages on the emotional body level that prevent a deeper understanding of the cyclical feelings of acceptance and rejection; eliminates any confusion in the emotional body, and relaxes the process associated with the shielding of one's emotional response; relieves the tendency towards brooding or morbid thought-patterns, and removes the inability to release any emotional tension; eases any tendency towards extremely changeable mood-swings or ever-fluctuating emotions by regulating and harmonizing one's emotional life, and removes any anxiety or emotional pain associated with resentment towards one's mate while easing any sense of separateness or alienation from the past; addresses any rebellious tendencies in one's emotional life by refining these into more positive qualities of awareness and insight, and assists in the proper assimilation of any newly-released emotions; alleviates various forms of depression associated with sexual organ imbalances or issues that involve the sexual make-up of an individual, and eases any form of identity crisis associated with an excessive interest in one's sexuality; eliminates any form of ambivalence or confusion about the focus of one's feminine creativity, and overcomes any insecurities concerning the acceptance of one's femininity; releases any frustration or anger by balancing the yin and yang qualities, especially in females who have suppressed their creativity or creative abilities because of personality difficulties or cultural conditions; eases any fear when confronting issues or insecurities associated with anger or tension towards one's father (or the father parental image), especially any personality imbalances caused by a domineering parent; resolves any sharp hostilities between people (or various disagreements in marriages or partnerships) by assisting an individual to better understand the other person's position, and eases the inability to articulate one's feelings (especially in the family unit); allows an individual's emotions to be examined with greater objectivity, thereby enhancing one's emotional stability.



Assists an individual in becoming more actively productive and nurturing, and promotes more positive feminine creativity; removes one's inability to fully realize their feminine creative forces, due to inner confusion or turmoil; promotes more conscious alignment with the feminine creative Self, and provides greater acceptance and approval of one's femininity and the feminine principle; rekindles the imaginative or creative faculties, and enhances the creative process by amplifying the thought-force that is the source of an individual's creativity; strengthens one's personal expression by providing greater self-acceptance, self-esteem and self-respect while generating an overall sense of mental or emotional stability, and develops greater mental balance and increased insight into various personal problems by enhancing one's ability to comprehend any repetitive behavioral patterns; eases any tendency towards accumulating psychic tension throughout the day, particularly in the stomach and solar plexus region; enhances one's ability to confront and actively transform any abusive, destructive, negative or threatening situations or circumtances, and generates increased self-confidence and greater personal courage to speak up about various concerns; restores greater balance and increased clarity in personal relationships, and develops better understanding and empathy between couples; establishes a deeper psychological attunement (or understanding) and sympathetic bond between a couple desiring to conceive a child, while enhancing the development of a proper attitude before, during and after conception; increases sex appeal between couples in relation to the birthing process, and activates or transforms an individual from baser sexual responses to more true levels of sensitivity; enhances greater sensitivity towards one's sexuality, while stimulating and balancing the feminine qualities (along with the male and female polarities); harmonizes one's inner solar forces for greater emotional peace and stability, and subdues the many small emotions that vex the soul life by helping to consolidate these into a more fundamental soul essence of serenity and equanimity; provides inner peace and greater trust, and generates a sense of joyfulness and increased lightness or gaiety.