Alleviates any disorders associated with protein deficiency (such as hypoglycemia), and relieves any pancreatic inflammation; augments the activities of the pancreas and the adrenals, while stimulating, strengthening and regenerating the pancreatic functions in order to enhance the production of natural insulin (or inulin); activates the entire circulatory system so as to improve the transport of essential nutrients and oxygen to various parts of the body, particularly the pancreas; increases the circulation of blood through the ductless glandular system, and provides a deeper penetration of capillary activity (involving the red corpuscles) into the ductless glands on the cellular level; regulates blood sugar levels, and distributes glucose more evenly; transforms various sugars (such as fructose and glucose) from one form into another in order to adjust any sugar imbalances in the system, as well as to properly utilize these substances as fuel for the body's energy requirements.



Aids in the proper absorption or assimilation of essential nutrients (especially the full spectrum of proteins), thereby adjusting any depressive states; improves overall protein assimilation, thereby creating a more balanced emotional state within the biological (intuitive) personality structure; balances the metabolism, and accentuates the sweetness of life in association with the yin qualities of certain foods.



Activates the biomagnetic, bioelectrical and biocrystalline properties in the physical body, thereby enhancing communication between the subtle bodies; amplifies the discharge of ethereal toxicity from the system by dispelling any mental or emotional toxins (negative thought-forms) into the subtle bodies and ethers, where they are ultimately transformed and disintegrated; strengthens the etheric body, which results in an improved flow of the ethereal fluidium that surrounds each cell; prevents any mental agitation in the mental body from moving into the etheric body, and strengthens all the chakras, meridians, nadis and subtle bodies.



Alleviates any low self-esteem or states of apathy, passivity or resignation, and overcomes any fears or inhibitions; prevents any form of mental breakdown or extreme emotional trauma, and eases the depressive moodiness or fluctuating mood-swings associated with hypoglycemia; controls one's temperament, and modifies the extreme behavioral patterns associated with high or low blood sugar levels; facilitates greater healing, and provides additional strength during periods of increased activity.



Activates the psycho-spiritual dynamics within an individual, as well as a more positive emotional outlook on life; adjusts one's consciousness in order to release any tension that might interfere with the subconscious mind, and stimulates a sense of movement or motion (such as moving forward in life); aids those individuals who need to develop greater courage, inner discipline and will-power in order to function more effectively in life, and strengthens one's self-identity and overall life purpose.